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ARTICLE: Funding cut 'to curb stem cell research'  
(added 7th June 2010)
ARTICLE: The Silent Epidemic - Legal Prescription Drug Abuse (added 25th May 2010)
VIDEO: Adult stem cells cord blood bank
(added 20 April 2010)

The International Cellular Medicine Society Report 2010.
VERY interesting.
Compare your Stem Cell Transplant Clinics.
(added April 5, 2010)
ARTICLE: Stem Cell Therapy and Dementia
(added 21st March 2010)
ARTICLE:  Australian M S Patient Gaining Ground after Stem Cell Therapy in Germany
(added 21st March 2010)

VIDEO: Stem Cells save foot from amputation
(added 19 March 2010)
VIDEO:  Sacramento Toddler Undergoes Stem Cell Treatment (added 9 March 2010)

Type 1 Diabetes May be REVERSED with OWN STEM CELLS (added 4th March 2010)

VIDEO: Stem Cells heal spinal cord injury 
(added 3 March 2010)

Adult Stem Cell Therapy and Heart Attack
Adult Stem Cell Therapy saves Leg
Adult Stem Cell Therapy Cures Chronic back Pain
(added 23 December 2009)

 "Stem Cell Confusion"
Latest RSCI Newsletter by Don Margolis. (added   3 December 2009)

Catholic Church aproves Adult Stem Cell Therapy 
(added 2 December 2009)

(added 21st November 2009)


Xcell Center in Germany opens new clinic in Dűsseldorf
and introduces new Adult stem Cell Heart Therapy

Adult Stem Cell Therapy - USA versus Germany 

Boy receives new cheeks with Adult Stem Cell Therapy.

Adult Stem Cell videos article icon
MS sufferer walks again after taking Stem Cell Enhancing Products 

Traditional pharmaceutical MS treatment versus stem cell therapy